My Parents:

Royal Dahlstrom Cardon Dorothy Lucille Beckley Cardon

Samuel Earl Beckley, center, with friends. Mother's father

Bertha Jane Webster Beckley Mom's Mother


My Maternal Grandmother, Bertha, taken by me when I was a young man.

Wet plate photograph of Bradley Webster who fought in the Civil war as a Union Soldier

Philippe & Marthe Cardon Emigrated from Piedmont, Italy about 1845, converts to Mormonism



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  1. Kristina Tucker says:

    Hi, I was searching on google to try and find some family history on my fathers side and i came across your blog. My grandma was Anna May Cardon and her parents are Royal Dahlstrom Cardon and Dorothy lucille Beckley. If you have any more information I would love to know my family history! you can send me an email at


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