My Sweetheart

This picture was taken by Mariana while we were in Rome at St Peters Basilica. Chris' main complaint while we were there was that I took too many pictures. I have close to 4,000 from this trip. Want to see them?

This is the lady I enjoy being with the most, my wife Christine. She is known as Granny and although I am sure of her love, I know that I better not expect to get much attention if there are any grand kids around.

When we were married we each had 2 children. Together we had 3 more. We used to say We were a “yours, mine and ours” family but now they are just ours. Through the years he have had foster children, six in all, but not at the same time so it became Yours, Mine, Ours and Theirs.

Chris while we lived in Alaska not long after we were married

Chris in her Norwegian fur seal parka I bought her our first winter in Alaska










Closeup shot in parka.



How We Met

We were attending a social gathering at the LDS Institute at the University of Washington. We had both dated other people but were both unattached at the time. I had been talking to some friends earlier but was standing alone looking for prospects, as it were, when I saw Chris across the room talking to some girls that I new. As I watched them a very distinct thought came into my head: They will introduce her to you and she will be your wife. I will say that I liked the thought but it wasn’t like thoughts one has from time to time that we all recognize as wishful thinking, it was more like a forgone conclusion. I felt it was the future. I watched them for several minutes, as they moved about the room talking to other people. I made no attempt to meet her because in my mind I knew they would bring her over and introduce us. The girls she was with were her friends more than mine. I knew them and had talked to them but we were not close friends. They had not introduced me to anyone else so it seems unlikely that I would expect them to introduce us, but in a few minutes here they came with introductions. She was friendly, approachable and had a great smile.

Later that evening, after I had returned home, I had a little concern because I had forgotten to check out her figure and I thought “What if she is heavy!” But on our first date, a movie at the institute, I was pleased that she had a great figure.

I never doubted the “revelation” I received about her but I realized that she probably had not received a glimpse into the future as I had so I made no presumptions and courted her with care.

During the time we were courting there were massive fuel shortages, thanks to the Nixon administration’s fixed prices policies. I had to wait in long lines to buy a few dollars worth of gas and I could only buy on odd or even days depending upon whether my license plate number was odd or even, but I wanted to get to know her quickly so I invited her to go tubing with me up on Snoqualamie Pass ski area. I probably had more fun than she did that day but she was a good sport and seemed to enjoy herself. On the way home we talked about everything and I remember telling her I felt we were so compatible, which she probably thought was a bit odd.

We met in January and as Valentines Day approached since I already knew that she was going to marry me I thought it was a great a time to propose, but the problem was that I was sure that she had not acquired the same knowledge as I and therefore was not ready to say yes. Not to be deterred by a minor thing like that I proposed in a unique way as follows: “I know you don’t know me well enough to say yes yet but I know I love you and want to marry you so I want to ask you to marry me, but I don’t want an answer until you are ready.” Pretty nutty, I know, but what can I say? We continued to date and one day we were at her house talking and she said “I will marry you.” It was completely unexpected in that particular moment but I was very happy. Later she told me that when she said it she was thinking “I can get out of it later if I want to.” But I had no doubt that she would marry me. I do believe that I got the better part of the bargain, but hey, I waited for it to play out on it’s own, the way I knew it would. There has been nothing before nor since that I have felt so sure was a forgone conclusion.

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    Hey, you guys look so great! I’m in Tooele, UT working for the Dept. of the Army. We have 2 boys and my wife Candi is expecting #3 in Aug/Sep. Ciao!

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