New Image Discovered

Here is an old portrait of me when I was about 26. Living in Okinawa, married with 2 children. I was in the Army Intelligence Corp. Working as a photographer.

Royal Cardon age 26

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In Memory of My Mother

Mom passed on 16 July 2014, at Age 92

I will try to write more later, but for now, I would like to present a few pictures that will bring back memories.

Me with Mom standing next to trailer house we lived in for a few months.
Me with Mom standing next to trailer house we lived in for a few months.






Royal Dorothy best cow

Mom with Dad and their best cow

Mom140718 22-43-28-Edit-2-Mom Daddorothy royal photo booth 1Dorothy Royal young140718 22-43-28-Edit071124 17-25-37-Edit

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My 32nd Grand Child

Anna Lucia Cardon

I am slow at updating my blog lately. Hope to improve. Here are a few pictures I took of Anna who is my 32nd grandchild. As you can see she is getting cuter all the time, as they usually do. She is the fourth child and second daughter of Nate and Kaijsa.

Anna just a few days old

Great smile. Taken on March First 2014
Great smile. Taken on March First 2014
She seem to like hats.

She seem to like hats.

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Dad’s Dream

Royal Dahlstrom Cardon

While Dad was alive we recorded him telling us about a dream he had. For this 100th year celebration of his life I put together a video adding pictures of him while he relates his dream on the audio track. I showed this video to the family during our family reunion On Lopez Island last summer. I have edited it a little more to improve it and would like to offer it here for those who might want to see it.


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Circumnavigation of Bainbridge Island

Our First Major Outing together On Our Boat This Season

Summer finally arrived in Seattle. This year it actually arrived on the 4th of July, a bit earlier than normal. Sister Susie, our MacGregor 26X sailboat lives at a marina in Salmon Bay during the summer just inside the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, also known as the Ballard Locks. The

Sister Susie tied up at entrance to locks. Waiting our turn.

advantage of mooring there is that it is fresh water, which my engine likes to be flushed out with after a trip in Puget Sound. Barnacles also will not stay attached to a boat in fresh water so Sister Susie’s hull stays cleaner. The downside is that it takes some time to get through the locks which adds an hour or more to your trip each time you pass through.

I have gotten good at going through the Continue reading

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E. Royal Celebrates his First Birthday

Had to take a picture of my 29th Grandchild for his first birthday.


I have about 70 more good ones. Want to see them?

Eric Royal Cardon at 1 year of age.

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Remembering My Grandfather Cardon

I had somewhat limited interaction with

My Dad, me and Grandfather Cardon when he came to speak at my farewell

my Grandfather Cardon. I have often wondered why. It may be related to the fact that my Grandmother died before Dad married and thus was not there to invite and insist on visits from her grand kids. I do remember a few visits: one time when we were very little we visited him and his second wife, Ida. They were living in a railroad box car which they had turned into a temporary home. It was an old one that had been removed from the track and put on their property. We played a trick on them. When we knocked on their door Mom and Dad hid so that it looked like 2 little kids were mysteriously at their door. Ida said to Grandpa “its 2 children”. She Continue reading

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A History of Anna Furrer

The Best record I have found of my grandfather’s Grandmother. Grandpa told me that he remembered her. He said that she was always on the go helping people. You should find this interesting. I found the link here:


Anna Furrer Cardon, probably the first female M.D. in Utah.

wife of Jean/John Cardon, born 1824

Regula Furrer was born 15 March 1826 in Pfaffikon, Zurich Canton, Switzerland to Regula Hess and Hans Rudolf Furrer. In the many hand written histories by her daughters and grand-children as well as newspaper accounts, her name appears as any of the following: Anna Furrer, Anna Raglea Furrer, Anna Regula Furrer or Netta Anna Furrer.

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Important History of An Ancestor

This woman was the 3rd sister of John Cardon (Jean), Grandfather of My Grandfather. Her father was Philippe whose family came from Italy converts to the Church. I add this here because I want all my family to know this story. I found this at



Marie Madeleine Cardon

Marie Madeline Cardon Guild
Born at St. Bartalomeo, Italy 6 July 1834

To my beloved children direct; also to your children unto the end of your posterity and to all others who perchance may read this brief sketch:

Dear ones: In the providence of God, by his graciousness and love I have realized the profound pleasure of presenting to you this short record of some of the leading events of my life. This account shall be a testimony unto you of the existence of God and of his divine guidance of those who trust and serve him. Continue reading

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Okinawa Memories Part 4

Unit party

I can’t remember what the occasion was, but the Colonel decided to have a unit party. He wanted it to be special and asked several members of the unit to get involved. Being in the 526th Intelligence Detachment meant that we had our own little compound, in a small ravine behind the Hospital. The compound was fenced. Just outside the fence we had our own “club” which was a restaurant and a bar. The entire unit was on separate rations so that they could buy their meals where ever they wanted. This made the club viable, since most of the unit eight there often. Around the club and the entire compound, for that matter, were Continue reading

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Silly Man, Ladders Are for getting Down From High Places


Accident in alaska

While working as a carpenter in alaska I took a job, out of the union hall, on the new sewerage treatment plant.  It was the second or third season on construction and I was working on the roof. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing but it involved carrying large sections of forms. I was on the leading end walking backwards with my partner on the other end. Unfortunately there was a large opening in the roof which had been covered, but other workers and uncovered it to do some work, but did not put up a safety rail. Also unfortunately my partner was not watching where I was going and neither was I and I backed into the hole. Continue reading
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Some Political Thoughts

President Obama derisively said of rural Americans,

“They cling to their guns and their religion.”

I would put it another way

“I cling to my rights and my faith.” Continue reading

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Life in a Small School In Goldbar, Washington

with Memories of Anna May

My older sister was almost three years older than me. While I  was young we played together quite a bit but as we got older she was into things that I wasn’t so we weren’t as close.

When we lived in Gold Bar, Washington, a little town 45 miles East of Seattle on Highway 2 we went to a little school where the first to the eighth grade only had 64 students total. Gold Bar had been larger during the gold rush days and had had a grade school and high school. In Continue reading

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Some Baby Pictures


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On Duty In Okinawa As Unit Photographer

Hazardous Duty

During my tour in Okinawa the Air Force had an accident with one of its B52 bombers. It was during the Vietnam War and they flew Bombing runs from Okinawa. The Accident was fairly minor but it scared the local Okinawans. Basically one of the bombers had to abort a take off and failed to stop until it had gone past the end of the runway near the fence. I think it was loaded with ordinance and the local people began thinking about what might have been had it crashed into a populated area. The  local Communist Party organized a protest which amounted to several hundred people marching on the gate to the Airbase. The Okinawan Police were in charge of keeping the peace. Their method of handling crowds was to have an equal number of uniformed police.

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