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Winter Crabbing

Don’t Count Your Crabs Before They’re Caught Just before Christmas Nate called me to ask if I was interested in bringing Sister Susie, our boat, up to Anacortes, where he lives so I could teach him to sail and we … Continue reading

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Life in Okinawa Part 3

While I was in Okinawa in the mid sixties it was still an occupied country. There was a civil administrator, an American, who ran the country. Most of the people were happy with this situation because they had freedom and … Continue reading

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Life in Okinawa Part 2

Okinawa Without Air Conditioning The climate in Okinawa is sub-tropical. Air conditioning was for officers who could afford it. During the summer we lived with a constant layer of sweat on our bodies because it was so humid that it … Continue reading

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Army Life in Okinawa Part 1

Home Life While I was in the Army I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I was an Army Private, when I first went there, but since I was in the intelligence Corps, I had the good fortune to get permission … Continue reading

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About Calling For Revolution

A few months ago we watched the news as several governments in the Middle East were changed by huge protests in the streets. As the world watched many were sympathetic and hopeful for a brighter future for the protestors, a … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

A few years ago I was in the drug store looking at greeting cards when I accidentally overheard a man and woman near me. They were picking out a card and the woman showed the man a card and said: … Continue reading

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Giving Children What They Need

When my first child, Thatcher, was born, I was very interested in finding out what I could do to maximize his potential. I read books on education and early childhood development. There was a lot of talk about the idea … Continue reading

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A Fourth of July to Forget

Blame Granola Gina In preparation for a major Mountaineering adventure we often climb a closer and smaller mountain. One time I walked up Mt Si with 40 pounds of books in my pack. I didn’t allow myself any stops just … Continue reading

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Gina’s Granola Phase

Assault On Mount Baker While Gina was in college she developed an interest in the wilderness and decided that she liked to hike. I don’t remember just how it happened but we decided to climb Mt Baker. At 10,781 feet, … Continue reading

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Men Will Be Boys

Wilderness Adventures When Nate was 15 his scout troop was planning their summer adventure and had decided to do a canoe trip on Ross Lake. I was one of the leaders and planned to go with them. As we planned … Continue reading

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A Milestone

On Halloween my daughter Lara presented me with my 30th grand child. Susan is my 13th granddaughter. Her birth helps even up the tally since there are already 17 boys. I once heard a speaker say the reason we have … Continue reading

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Living in Potato Country

Since the farms around Carey, Idaho grow potatoes, and harvesting took a lot of labor, school always closed for 2 weeks in the fall so the kids could pick potatoes. As mentioned on other blog posts I started school in … Continue reading

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Great Times In Benton City

We lived in Benton City, Washington while Dad worked on the McNary Dam on the Columbia River. I think I was in the 3rd grade then. We rented a house on several acres of land. Dad had an arrangement with … Continue reading

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I Cut My Beard Off

I cut my beard off last week. I have had it for about 12 years and I just thought maybe I would like not having it. When Chris came home I was interested to see how long it would take … Continue reading

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Global Warming

Years ago when I first heard about global warming my first reaction was: Okay. Good. Maybe this will get the attention of the people and they will stop polluting the air and the water with chemicals from industrial waste. Then … Continue reading

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