I Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

A few years ago I was in the drug store looking at greeting cards when I accidentally overheard a man and woman near me. They were picking out a card and the woman showed the man a card and said: “Do you like this one?”; he replied: “I don’t care which one you get. If you want that one go ahead and get it.” She asked again: “Would you get this one for me?” Irritated, he said:”Look you said you wanted a card so just get what ever you want.”
I couldn’t believe my ears. She was trying to get him to choose a card for her so that she could feel that the sentiment inside was from him but he couldn’t bring himself to read it and say: Yes that one is nice. I will get that one for you.” 
My heart went out to her, so in need of some indication of caring from her husband but he couldn’t do it.

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