A Fourth of July to Forget

Blame Granola Gina

In preparation for a major Mountaineering adventure we often climb a closer and smaller mountain. One time I walked up Mt Si with 40 pounds of books in my pack. I didn’t allow myself any stops just continuous effort on a 4 mile trail with a 3500 foot gain. About 100,000 people climb the mountain each year many are training for a major mountain.
One spring Nate, Gina and I climbed Mount Si in preparation for our Mount Baker climb. It was a lovely warm spring day. We camped on the top. The evening air was warm and wonderful, balmy even . It was a highlight of the trip, in fact it was so pleasant that Gina wanted to do it again. She thought that we should go up on the 4th of July. She reasoned that we could watch the fireworks from the top. So wanting to humor her since I was enjoying hiking with her– a side of Gina that we hadn’t seen before–, Chris, Nate, Gina,Peggy, Lara and I made the climb, timing it so that we would arrive at the top just in time to watch the fireworks at 10 PM. I put a watermelon in my pack and off we went.
We planned to come back right after the fireworks were over so we didn’t take much with us. As we neared the top reality began to displace our imagined idyllic outing. The evening was chilly bordering on cold, too cold for watermelon. Chris could not be persuaded to eat watermelon in mittens. While we could see fireworks they weren’t much bigger than the stars.
We saw the Seattle fireworks, the Tacoma Fireworks and a couple others we couldn’t place but they were less than impressive at the 40 mile distance. We quickly got chilled from the sweat we had worked up on the climb. After about 5 minutes we donned our head lamps and headed down the trail. We were able to laugh at our disappointment and Granola Gina was good natured about the ribbing she got for our wild goose chase.

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4 Responses to A Fourth of July to Forget

  1. Kaijsa says:

    What a great memory! I’ll have to ask Nate what he remembers about it. Did you hike all the way back with the watermelon? Good for your training, at least…

  2. Royal says:

    I did carry the melon back. We ate it under better circumstances later.

  3. Lara Updike says:

    I actually didn’t go on that trip. You guys decided I was too young to keep up with your fast pace. You sent me with Renee and her kids to have the Fouth of July at her friends’ house. I know that fact is not relevant to your story, but I am a lover of historical accuracy.

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