Global Warming

Years ago when I first heard about global warming my first reaction was: Okay. Good. Maybe this will get the attention of the people and they will stop polluting the air and the water with chemicals from industrial waste. Then I heard claims that the oceans were raising and the ice caps were melting and I thought wow, I live right by the ocean and I cannot detect even the slightest change. Pretty soon every time something happened it was because of global warming, even when it was unusually cold. I thought something is weird here so I began to take note of the preposterous claims and began to be more skeptical. I started doing a little checking to see if there were people who did not agree with the main stream press and I found that indeed there were many people who were not convinced. Check out the following link: Article

This article, written by Patrick J. Michaels discusses some significant arguments against the “settled science” proponents of global warming. He also wrote a book which documents some very serious challenges to the theory, called 
Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media. This book is very heavy reading. It is filled with foot notes documenting all the science sources discussed. I have had a little education in the sciences but not enough to be able to understand the book fully but I read it 3 times and began to understand and agree with his point of view. After reading the book I  continued to read things on the internet and I am now convinced that global warming hype is being used to reach a political agenda which if allowed to proceed unchallenged will do great harm to the United States economy and to our personal prosperity. I think it is important that each individual should take the time to become informed on this issue so they can vote intelligently and otherwise use their informed judgment to counter the momentum of this destructive movement. 

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  1. Lara Updike says:

    I think global warming is yet another issue where politicians and activists have successfully led the public to have the wrong discussion. Instead of having a public controversy over whether it exists and whether humans are responsible, we should be having a discussion about how to adjust to the reality of it. When people say we need to scale back pollution from industry and transportation, I am surprised they don’t see that this is not a solution. Sure, we should always seek for ways to reduce pollution and waste, but the earth’s population continues to grow, and developing countries will produce more pollution as their economies improve. There’s really no way that people are going to give up cars, airplanes and electricity, so, for example, instead of trying to stop global warming so that rising oceans won’t flood Indonesia, we should be discussing where the Indonesians will go, should this happen.

    • Royal says:

      To add to how crazy this is getting, the scientists are now saying that it is getting cooler. How do the politicians deal with this? they changed the name from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”, but do you think they are now saying we should create more CO2 to help warm up the world? No. They still want to control CO2. Why? because they are really interested in using this issue (?) to control energy prices for many reasons the most common of which is redistribution of wealth from the rich nations to the poor nations while they make money and gain power during he transaction.

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