Developing Better Communications

Tin can telephones

One day while exploring Dad’s tool shed on the farm in Carey, I found an electrical transformer. It weighed several pounds and contained a large coil of copper wire. If you know about transformers you know that they are hard to get apart but with effort I managed to liberate the coil of copper wire. As I uncoiled the wire I decided to make a tin can telephone. If you are not familiar with a tin can phone, you need to know it consisted of 2 cans connected by a wire through holes punched in the bottom of each can. With the wire drawn tight, one person could talk into one can and another person could put their ear to the other can and hear what was being said, especially if you were within hearing distance of each other anyway. This was very fun. Since I had at least a mile of wire I felt that I needed to create and entire phone system so my sisters and I walked up the the edge of our farm where there was a rocky area of sagebrush land. Here we could construct our phone system without interfering with anyone. We rounded up every empty tin can we could find and went to work. When we were through we had a spiderweb of electrical wire over the entire area and could communicate from virtually anywhere to anywhere. I sometimes wonder if that wire is still there.

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2 Responses to Developing Better Communications

  1. Lara says:

    Did you just set the wire on the ground?

  2. Royal says:

    What kind of a phone system would that be? We had telephone posts! We did have top duck under some to be sure but they were not on the ground.

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