Not Such a Happy Story

My Unusual Pets

While living on a small farm just outside of Carey, Idaho, I was about 5 or 6, my father came from the field with a little furry ball in his hands. It was a baby badger. while plowing the field he had discovered a badger hole. Since a badger hole in the field would cause problems he decided to dig it out and he found a baby just a few days old. He gave it to me

Me holding my new pet. My cousin Larry Miller, my Mom's Sister Beulah's son, stands beside me.

for a pet. I made a special place for it. I dug a hole and then covered it with a scrap of wood and made a fence around it to keep it in, but a few days later it found a way out and was killed by the dog. What a disappointment it was but now it is a fond memory.






Dad told me about a magpie he had raised as a pet. He had taken it from a nest as a baby . He taught it to talk and it said several words. When it became an adult it became very territorial and would guard the front gate of hisĀ  house. When people came the magpie would say “don’t-ya-touch-it” and dive at the intruder. He became such a problem that they took him to town and left him in the park. Because of this story I was always looking for a baby magpie and would try to raise my new pets but I never was able to get one to live to adulthood, but I can remember feeding them bread soaked in milk, which was what Dad had recommended.

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  1. Lara says:

    Magpies can be taught to talk!? I had no idea!

  2. Kaijsa says:

    I heard you had to split their tongues if you wanted them to talk… did he mention that? I always wanted a magpie or a crow, but couldn’t handle that part of it…

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