Sister Suzie’s Maiden Voyage

Last February we decided to buy a boat to enjoy now that I am retired. I have dreamed about having a sailboat since I was a young man and read a book about a 16 year old who sailed around the world solo. Just realizing that it is actually possible to do something like that was somehow mind expanding. My friend, Phil Mowrey, and I went to a presentation at the Moore Theater by a retired couple who decided after they retired to buy a sailboat and sail the Pacific Rim. They spent 19 months, starting out from San Fransisco, headed south to Tahiti and stopping in many ports and living frugally went on to Japan and the Aleutian Islands, Alaska and down the coast to complete the journey.

I had never had the money to pursue any boating dreams while raising my family and had really given up the whole idea as one of those dreams that fade with your youth, but Chris talked me into taking sailing classes in Bellingham. It was a 2 day class where we took tests and prepared to be certified to rent a bare boat. A year or so later we took the next set of classes in San Diego. During that trip we took a small Catalina out in the bay by ourselves and practiced tacking and jibing.

The boat we bought is a used MacGregor 26X. It is a trailer-able boat which is more flexible and cheaper to store and maintain.

We took it out in Lake Washington on a sunny day in late winter. Fortunately it wasn’t a busy day because it took us a long time to put it in the water but we had fun motoring around Lake Washington for a couple hours.

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