Saturday’s Warrior Program

I dug into the attic and found copies of the program we made for the play in Fairbanks, Alaska. I believe the play was done in 1977. Chris calculated  that date based upon Gina’s age.

These 6 covers were hand silkscreened using photos I took of the cast. We decided to do 6 covers so that more people could be included.  We put the play on at the University of Alaska Theater which was state-of-the-art with computerized lighting which was very new. After the play had run its schedule which I believe was 2 weekends. We had a bunch of programs left and we wondered what to do with the extras. Normally I think we would have just let the participants take them as souvenirs but for some reason I said no I think we should hang onto them. I remember feeling that maybe I was being possessive since I made them but stuck to my stand. Months later Sister Adams decided that we needed to put the play on again. She had some convincing to do with the District Presidency. When

asked why, she said: “Some people haven’t seen it that need to see it.”  She also said Royal saved the programs for a reason. I didn’t have a reason in mind but it worked out that we had enough for the second season. After the second show I let the cast take the leftovers.

Almost all the parts were double cast. They were not understudies but full cast members who alternated shows. When we remounted the play we had most of the players but a few had moved away and a few new people got a chance to play in the show.

The Alaska mission president wanted to share the production with the members who lived out in the “bush”

and got permission from the copyright holders to make a slide show version which we made by taking hundreds of 35 mm slides of the dress rehearsals which we synchronized with the music using multiple projectors. I worked many hours on the show but never watched the finished show. The President took it to the branches in the small towns. When he was released after his mission he destroyed the show as his agreement with the copyright holders required. I don’t believe I have any of the slides any more. For years I had a few of the unused ones but

I have moved so many times who knows what happened tho them.

It would be really fun to hear from some of the people who were involved. If you know of people that were involved please send them a link to this post so that they can check it out. I would also love it if you would make a comment and add some of your memories.

The inside content of the program was typed on a state of the art typewriter that was capable of variable width letters which makes it look as though it was typeset. The large type was done with stick on type which was used a lot for a while. Personal computers where several years into the future.

The pictures on the inside were mostly taken at rehearsal. The costumes were not ready early enough to have pictures in costume for the program. I added a couple of other pictures in of the kids that were around during rehearsal waiting for their parents to take them home.

The last picture is a picture of Peggy my daughter who was born not long before the show was done. It is a picture of her in the delivery room only a few seconds old. It was appropriate for the program because if you remember a baby is born at the end of the


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First Page

2 page spread

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Pages 10 & 11


Pages 12 & 13

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  1. Peggy says:

    I Love your blog daddy. I think it is funny though that you calculated the year based on Gina’s age rather than my birth year, since I was born right before production…

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