How to Get a Replacement Drummer

Saturday’s Warrior

While we lived in Fairbanks a Stake had not yet ben organized. In fact they were organizing a stake there just as we were moving to Madison, WI. We did however, have three large branches which functioned like wards. The District leadership decided to mount a production of “Saturday’s Warrior”, a play written by members with an LDS theme. The University had a large modern theater, which we could use through the LDS Student organization on the campus. Gina played the lead as the 7 year old daughter of a large family. Chris, Thatch, and several others in the family participated as did I. I designed and hand silkscreened the covers for the program. The director, Norma Bowkett, did a very professional job of it because of the knowledge and experience she and other leaders had. Fairbanks, being a small, isolated town took note of it and we had quite a few nonmembers come to the show.

We were a few days away from the opening of the second production. I was out doing my home teaching assignment when I visited the home of a man who had come to Fairbanks recently to get work, like thousands of others. As we talked I asked him about himself and learned, among other things, he played the drums but had not brought his set with him. After leaving his place, I decided to go by the University theater where rehearsals were in progress, to see how things were going. As I walked in I found the only people there were the band members. I asked them how things were going and was told that they had lost their drummer. I told them about the mew branch member who I had just visited. They just looked at each other for a moment. I said, “What’s the matter?” They replied, “We just now got off our knees where we asked the Lord to help us find a drummer.” I replied, he doesn’t have drums which they said was no problem they could borrow a set.  I called him and he came right over as opening night was just a day or 2 away.

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  1. Lara Updike says:

    The small and simple miracles of prayer! Yesterday my four-year-old prayed before bed that in the morning she would find the balloon she had received at a parade the previous day. I thought, “Now there’s one prayer that won’t be answered,” because she had taken the balloon out in the driveway that morning, and as far as I could figure, it had floated away. But today, on the way home from dropping off her big sister at the bus stop, we saw a balloon, exactly like hers, stuck in a fence about three houses down the road.

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