Trip to Caldwell

Yesterday I set out to take Mom to Idaho to attend her sister Dorma Lee Beckley Nelson’s funeral. Even though Mom is in her 90th year and lives in a care center, my sisters and I felt that she really needed to go to Idaho to the funeral, because of all her 4 sisters she was probably the one she was closest to. Her husband Grant and my Dad were carpenters who followed each other to different locations to find ¬†work. As I grew up I spent many holidays and vacations with my Aunt Dorma and her family. I don’t believe I have known a more saintly lady. Dorma is my Mother’s youngest sister and so she really did not expect to live longer than Dorma so it was a shock.

The plan was to drive with her to Hermiston, Oregon where my baby sister Jonette lives and after a night’s rest, to continue on to Caldwell Idaho.

We left Bothell about 1:15pm expecting a leisurely 4 hour (250 mile) drive and a nice pork roast dinner at 5:30, but were we ever disappointed. As we headed over the pass I turned on the traffic advisory radio to learn that a snow slide had stopped East bound traffic so we should expect an hour delay.

While we waited, I wrote a couple blog posts, reading sections to her as I completed them, ¬†after several hours Mom said, “I wish you would stop typing so we could go.” I explained that the cars were in the way or I would have gone sooner. “Can’t you back up she insisted?”

At 6:15 pm we finally started moving again. At Cle Elum we stopped for a pizza where Mom used the restroom. After a long wait she finally opened the door but I found that she had fallen and needed help to get up. The restroom was not handicap equipped. When I complained to the owner he said “oh that is not the handicap restroom it is around the corner.” I was more than a little miffed. I said, “Well it is lucky for you that she was not seriously hurt. You watched her get out of her wheel chair and go into this bathroom. You said nothing and there is no sign to indicate that there is another restroom to choose from. You need a sign letting people know that a handicap restroom exists elsewhere. I assumed, since it is a single restroom for both men and women, it was the only one and it would be handicap equipped.”

We arrived at a quarter to 10 pm. After Jonette helped her get in bed, Mom asked to talk to me. When I went in to see what she wanted, I learned, she just wanted to kiss and hug me to thank me for bringing her to visit Jonette. She may be forgetful but she never forgets to be grateful.

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