I Can’t Tell You About It!

When I was a young man in my early thirties I was told this story by my bishop. I would like to relate it because it is so fun and I am not aware that it has been committed to paper.

Bishop Degler told me he was driving down a street on Queen Ann Hill in Seattle, when he noticed the Stake President in his car going in the opposite direction. The bishop waved to him and to his surprise the stake president signaled him to pull over. He got out of the car and as he approached the president’s car he noticed that he was not alone. To his great surprise and delight the president introduced him to the three members of the  First Presidency of the Church. The president introduced him to them and they chatted a few moments and the bishop went on his way. As he drove he deduced that the Church must be planning to build a temple in Seattle. Why else would the entire First Presidency be here together, he thought.

As it happened he was on his way over the the church building and as luck would have it, the Young Women were in meeting. He was so excited with his realization he could not resist telling someone and who better than the teenage girls of the Ward (congregation). As he expected they were as excited as he was.

He had no sooner returned to his office than the phone rang. It was the Stake President with the stern admonition that he must be silent about their meeting because the First Presidency did not want rumors about what might be happening since nothing was final. He assured the president that he would not tell a soul and hurried to the classroom where the girls were still in meeting. He explained in no uncertain terms they were to tell no one. Explaining that if anyone found out, he would know that one of them had not kept the secret. After extracting an  oath from each of them he left, hoping that they would be true to their word.

That evening he was at home working in his yard when his next door neighbor, a father of one of the girls in the class, came over. His first words were: “Okay, what is going on?” Bishop Degler grimaced as he said, innocently, “What do you mean?”

The neighbor continued: “My daughter just came home from church bouncing with excitement, saying, ‘The most wonderful thing is going to happen and I can’t tell you about it!’

The Bishop had ” no idea” what she might be talking about.

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