The competition To be On my Wall is Great

When Thatcher and family were preparing to move to Cheney from University Place, their youngest, Hannah, came to stay the weakend with Monster Grandpa and Granny. It was right before Fathers Day, so I came up with the idea of taking a photo of her which she could use as a gift for her dad. She liked the idea and I told her to pick out the clothes she wanted to wear and meet me in my studio. We took a bunch of really great shots. She picked out one and I made a print for her to wrap for Fathers Day. I also made a large 8 by 16 print to match 4 other prints I had on the wall of my other grand daughters about her age, Anastasia, Nikoline, Elsa and Natalie. I put it up on the mantle for temporary display and asked Hannah how she liked it.

” Finally you have a picture of me on your wall!”, she said.

I immediately realized that with as many grand children as I have, (27 with 2 on the way) wall space will be at a premium at our house.


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