12 Year Old Boy’s girl-o-phobia Problem

If I had told this story a few years ago it would probably have embarrassed Zachery but since he just turned 17 I think he can probably enjoy or at least tolerate it.

At the 2006 Cousin Party (More about Cousin Parties later) Zachery had the dubious honor of being the only boy among the six cousins. I am sure that now he realizes it was a privilege but then he was not quite sure.

Here's Zachery completely fitting in

This is an example of poor planning on our kids part, no other boy babies from 1993 to 1996.

Being a professional photographer, I always document the cousin parties well. (over a 1,000 keepers in 06) Here I could see that Zach was not completely comfortable in this group arrangement so I took the next picture to help him feel a little more comfortable. You will notice in the second picture Zachery is much more relaxed.

I set up this arrangement to make Zach feel a little more relaxed

As the week progressed, we were in Canada at Horseshoe Bay Park, while taking more pictures, I set up a shot which turned out to be great fun for the girls. I asked Zachery to stand with his arms out and asked the girls to hold on and pull.



The Zach tug-of-war

After the shot, Zach came up to me and said: “Monster Grandpa, it was like they were fighting over me.”

I don’t think he hated it. How about you?

I said: “You think so?”

(Click on pictures to enlarge)


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