Who Are These Little Girls?

This is my Grandmother Bertha Jane Webster Beckley

I believe this picture was taken in Idaho. I don’t know who these little girls are. the one on the right looks like my cousin LaRee Hebert, daughter of Hazel and Henry (Jack) Lee Hebert.

If you know who they are let me know. Thanks.

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  1. Brent Beckley says:

    Hi Royal/Cousin!

    My name is Brent Beckley and I’m the eldest son of your cousin Perry. I’ve been doing a bit of geneaology work on our family lately and have been fascinated by what I’ve found on the Beckley/Webster lines of the family tree. I’ve tracked the Beckley side back to Germany and the Webster side back to Connecticut, then Jamaica and England. It’s really pretty amazing.

    Anyways, do you have any more pictures of, or stories about Bertha Jane, Samuel or any of their family – parents, siblings, or children? I’ve got some stuff that I’m happy to share with you as well, if you’re interested or don’t already have it. Let me know via email or you can find me on skype with my name.

    Btw…awesome blog! You’ve got some really amazing stories on here!!



    • Brent Beckley says:

      Hi Royal,

      I just heard from my grandma Jo (Del Beckley’s wife) and she says that the three girls are, “Hazel’s kids; Nadine LaRee and Wanda”.

      Just thought I’d pass that along.



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