Are There Bears In The Woods?

Last summer Chris and I went for a hike with Lara and Peggy’s families. It was a short  2 mile hike through the woods to a beach on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. As we were walking home, I set out first and was soon ahead of everyone. Well almost. Cardon was hurrying along with me and, letting me know that he

Cardon Canales Feb 07

intended to be up front with Monster Grandpa, took my hand. As we walked we talked about various things such as the names of different trees and birds. As I looked around the title of this blog came to mind. I asked Cardon if he thought there might be any bears around. He immediately released his grip upon my hand and moved a step or two behind me and threw the question back to me. I told him that there could be bears here but, since there were other people walking up and down the trail making noise, any bears close-by would probably be headed away from the trail. This seemed to satisfy him and he took my hand again. I ask Cardon: “What should we do if we do see a bear? We can’t run faster than a bear!” There was a moment of silence. I continued: “I don’t have to out run the bear. I just have to out run you.” I looked at his face for the reaction. The furrowed brow lasted only a few seconds and then he said: “Monster Grandpa, you wouldn’t do that to your grandson.” We both laughed. Cardon because of the silly joke I played on him, and me because he had gotten the joke and because he wanted to emphasize that he was my grandson and therefore expected more loyalty than that.

Cardon used to live a few blocks from me, but a few months ago Peggy moved to Utah and I miss them a lot.

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