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I Can’t Tell You About It!

When I was a young man in my early thirties I was told this story by my bishop. I would like to relate it because it is so fun and I am not aware that it has been committed to paper. Bishop … Continue reading

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Giving Your Brain a Background Task

A few weeks ago Nate emailed me with a question. He had been going through a box of miscellaneous items left behind by the owner of the house he is renting. The stuff was a random bunch of things the … Continue reading

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Be Careful To What You Get Attached

When people go to the beach they rarely leave without some “treasure” they have discovered while combing the beach. If they are lucky it is a small shell or a small rock that is especially pretty, but not always. On … Continue reading

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Natalie Is Happy About Almost Everything

When Nate and Kaijsa came to visit from Reno, I wanted to get a picture, of Natalie, to complete my set of 5 in a row grand daughters.

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Elsa Not particularly interested in Cooperating

Elsa, Mariana’s youngest daughter, was not the least interested in having her picture taken, at least not until I said “Lets just take the other kids pictures, then.” It took only a few seconds to figure out that being left … Continue reading

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Anastasia & Nikoline Put on Beautiful Dance Costumes

Since Gina, Mariana and Peggy were deeply involved in dance as children we have dance costumes in our toy closet for visitors to try on. When I took their picture what I was interested in capturing was how they felt … Continue reading

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First Mate

Took our boat, Sister Suzie, out for the first time Saturday. I felt a little awkward, getting it in the water. Chris was a little nervous, to say the least. I was just glad that the boat ramp was not busy … Continue reading

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The competition To be On my Wall is Great

When Thatcher and family were preparing to move to Cheney from University Place, their youngest, Hannah, came to stay the weakend with Monster Grandpa and Granny. It was right before Fathers Day, so I came up with the idea of … Continue reading

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A Stunning Missionary Story

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To Beard or Not to Beard

Years ago while Lara was in high school, Chris and I were asked to help with the Church summer youth activity. The multi-day activity varies from year to year, but about every 3rd or 4th year they have a Mormon … Continue reading

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His Best Cow

As a child, Dad was active in 4-H Youth Program, where he learned about farming and competed in Fairs, winning hundreds of ribbons. He told me that he would travel on the train with his animals and other farm produce … Continue reading

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12 Year Old Boy’s girl-o-phobia Problem

If I had told this story a few years ago it would probably have embarrassed Zachery but since he just turned 17 I think he can probably enjoy or at least tolerate it. At the 2006 Cousin Party (More about Cousin … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past

I served a mission for the Church in Norway. This picture was taken at a mission-wide conference in the back yard of the Mission home in Oslo after our evening meetings. The picture is dated 1 September 1962. The first image … Continue reading

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Who Are These Little Girls?

I believe this picture was taken in Idaho. I don’t know who these little girls are. the one on the right looks like my cousin LaRee Hebert, daughter of Hazel and Henry (Jack) Lee Hebert. If you know who they … Continue reading

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Having a Crossfit

Yesterday my son Thatcher came to Bothell on business and stayed overnight with us. He is really into physical fitness and has a great set of workout equipment at home but when he comes here he has to improvise. Out … Continue reading

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